Ian Ingram - Lead Geppetoist, Ian is a roboticist who is more animal than machine. He operates the company's Los Angeles, California offices and facilities. He is currently focusing on machines that gesture defiantly, declare territory, and try to impress mates. Links to Bio, Resume, Short Statement, and Older Statement.

Ani Garmin - Vice Geppettoist, Ani, specializes in word games, dubious existence, and those subtle skills that keep the company chugging. The overseer of our Maren's Rock, Maine branch, she is not averse to robots or the notion that a sculptor might love her robot more than her dog but often wonders "Is robotic art dead?"

LaMettrian Geppettoism

In Classical Geppettoism, the practitioner constructs the thing they want to imbue with life and then relies on the beneficence of a Fairy Godmother to give the thing a soul and a mind. Julien Offray de La Mettrie refined Cartesian materialism, obviating dualism, asserting that both the body and the mind were machines, in his 1748 book, Man a Machine. Lamettrian Geppettoists have freed up Fairy Godmothers to pursue other activities.